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Earth Day Special

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The Equus Hotel will celebrate Earth Month in April by donating $5.00 from each new reservation to the Hawai'i chapter of Travel2Change. Travel2Change connects visitors with worthwhile projects in Hawai'i that benefit the environment and promote sustainability. Visit

The Equus Hotel is deeply committed to environmental stewardship. The hotel was the first hotel in Hawai‘i to join Green Hotels Association, International, having been a green hotel since the early 1990s. Equus was also one of the first hotels to join the Hawai‘i Ecotourism Association. Since that time, the hotel has been working toward ensuring that every staff procedure, program, system, and product line follows environmentally-sound best practices. Initiatives include the following:

  • All air conditioners are programmed to turn on only when guest enters room with key card and defaulted to 80 degrees.
  • All appliances are GreenStar rated.
  • Room amenities are non-toxic and biodegradable.
  • Low-flush toilets and low-flow shower heads and sink faucets are installed.
  • A rigorous recycling program is implemented.
  • No linen changes occur without guest request.
  • All lighting is CFL with forward plans to convert to LED.
  • A green transportation program for employees (subsidies for bus passes) is in place.
  • There is no irrigation system or sprinklers; landscaping is hand-watered.
  • No chemicals are used on landscaping.
  • Paper re-use and recycling program is in place.
  • Old uniforms and linens are “retired to the Salvation Army; and furniture is donated to Re-Use Hawai‘i.
  • Many other initiatives are in place to comply with the State Department of Health Green Hotel checklist.